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  • Francesca Tripodi

    Francesca Tripodi

    Sociologist and media scholar studying Wikipedia, Google, and other participatory media platforms. @ftripodi /

  • J. Nathan Matias

    J. Nathan Matias

    Citizen social science to improve digital life & hold tech accountable. Assistant Prof, Cornell. Prev: Princeton, MIT. Guatemalan-American

  • Criscillia Benford

    Criscillia Benford

    Narratologist, communications consultant, and evangelist for offline experiences who writes about books, movies, TV, technology, and culture.

  • Redeemer City to City

    Redeemer City to City

    Our mission is to help leaders build gospel movements in cities. Our vision is for a world-changing, city-renewing, gospel-centered global church.

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Gregory D. Saxton

    Gregory D. Saxton

    Assistant Professor of accounting at the Schulich School of Business. #DataAnalytics #Accounting #Nonprofits #BigData #Communication #Python #DataScience

  • Kuowei Cheng 鄭國威

    Kuowei Cheng 鄭國威

    Blogger/Entrepreneur/Science communicator/Father/Taiwanese

  • Jugnarain Divya

    Jugnarain Divya

  • Zachary E. Blumenfeld

    Zachary E. Blumenfeld

    Cookie Jar Savings/Safetynet. Founder @ CultureCon. Co-Founder @ ThirdSpace. Badgers. Basketball. Travel. Startups. Tech. Madison, WI.

  • K. Hazel Kwon

    K. Hazel Kwon

    study online community and audience behavior with data and numbers. prof. at the Cronkite School of Journalism, Arizona State Univ.

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